Jam It 2010 Countdown Party

Hear Me Toby

Formed in 2004, Hear Me Toby consists of 3 guys, a girl and a common love for music. Initially formed as a casual platform for its members to experiment with different musical instruments from their other respective bands, Hear Me Toby eventually grew to something more than just a platform. Something different. Something fun. It is something that the 3 guys and the girl felt right in becoming a part of. And after 5 long years and running, their faces may look a little older but that mutual feeling has pretty much become stronger than ever before.

Hear Me Toby released an EP titled ‘Movie On The Moon’ in conjunction to their performance at the Baybeats Music Festival in 2006, and are currently recording their upcoming debut album due to be released next year. Playing indie/pop rock music, Hear Me Toby cites Foo Fighters, Green Day, and Jimmy Eat World as some of their biggest influences.

Check out Hear Me Toby’s myspace @ http://www.myspace.com/hearmetoby


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